Finally a motorcycle again

Finally a motorcycle again 1000 750 Michael

My good 990s is back. Even if it will be sold in 2018, I am glad that I finally have a motorcycle in the garage again. On that occasion there is also a new front tire and because she is now the only lady in my life, she gets a year-round license plate.

A short time travel why was she gone and why almost half a year?

The accident

After Swiss HU, a swiss took my right of way. I was driving on a straight road behind a car. Shortly after the city exit came a gas station. The causer has indeed seen the car in front of me, but not me. He turns left. That my full braking is not enough, I notice quickly and started to dodge. Unfortunately too late, I clashed into his rear with the crash bar. Countersteering, bringing the bike under control again stopping annoyed. I have not even noticed the oncoming traffic. But without his evasive maneuver I would have crashed into the next car. On my motorcycle you can see:

  • Scratches, the turn signal is torn off,
  • the crash bar is bent,
  • the crash bag is torn,
  • the Nutella glass in the bag has remained intact.

The car, on the other hand, looks pretty bad.

  • The bumper is half demolished
  • various threaded rivets are torn out the sheet is bent,
  • the tailgate has a bump from my handlebars

We agreed that the police will come and documents the accident. I am a little uncomfortable with the worn front tire. But after all those present, including myself, are amazed that I did not fall, the police see over it. During the subsequent way home, I got caughts by a speed camera. The fun costs me for 6km/h 100€ as if I had not been enough bad luck on that day.

The trouble with the insurance

The first contact to the insurance is without problems. Even the fact that 2 insurance clerks on a German and a Swiss side are in the game makes me thoughtful. In the middle of September my motorcycle goes to KTM-Müller to prepare the damage report. As feared, the frame is bent. Total damage almost 3500 €. Nice, I hoped that it is no frame damage and if I had preferred a total loss. Without damage recognition, however, it will not continue anyway. Every two weeks I call the good women of the insurance and it just does not work. Without the police report no damage recognition. At the beginning of November it is too much for me. I call the Swiss Police. They are not allwoed to give me any information about status but they explained the process.

  1.     The accident is recorded
  2.     The policeman writes the report
  3.     The report goes to an office which name I do not remember
  4.     There judges judge decides who was guilty
  5.     The assessed report is put in the offices archive.
  6.     The lawyer of the insurance demands the report
  7.     The report goes through the lawyer to the insurance clerk

At first, I thought it would have been better if I had not insisted on the police. Via the clerk of the German Foreign Damage Department I got the number of the Swiss clerk. From him I got the information that the causer stated he did not know if he was guilty. To take the right of way in front of at least 6 witnesses, then to claim one does not know whether one is guilty, beats everything. At least now the police paid off. Coincidentally, the police report is then also in the “present” post. Nevertheless, the repair release arrives at KTM Müller, not before I insisted that they contact the insurance again.

The Repair

In mid-December, all parts arrived. Ice, snow, salt now no reason to hurry any more. Thanks again to Roland for making the pictures. If you tore apart both motorcycles you own in one year and this is worth of documentation. Respect to the mechanics of KTM-Müller. The reassembling is not an easy job.

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