Lines on Maps Version 2

Lines on Maps Version 2 1921 1087 Michael

For a long time a big update was overdue. Lines on Maps should not only show where the last trip was, it should also be a help for those, who are looking for ideas for their own plans. To make this easier, the update includes several core elements:

The Lines Map!

With meanwhile 10 reports a classical menu structure is too confusing. A core element of the update is therefore the new Lines Map. The red lines on the interactive map show you quickly where the individual travel reports play. The flags or markers give brief information on travelers, available reports and type of trip. Below the Lines Map you will also find the entire portfolio of reports.

Lines on Maps Version 2

Social Media!

For a long time I refused the use and consequently the integration of social media. The incomprehensible ever-changing bunch of terms and conditions was a major reason to create Lines on Maps instead of using these services. My opinion on this has not changed much, but the networks that can be build up to people are still worth it. Consequently, you will find Lines on Maps on Facebook now and will be informed there about news. In addition to the videos hidden in reports and presentations, there are also more and more small trailers and teasers that you will find in the future on the YouTube Channel and the new Media section. These videos also allow you to get an overview of the character of a trip in a few minutes.

Lines on Maps Version 2


What represents Lines on Maps will continue to stay on Lines on Maps. As a confirmation that you like content, you can now give it a “Likes”. These likes will help others to find particularly interesting content and show us what is interesting and what is not. The Like Button can be found in the respective article at the bottom right. In addition to this you will also find the opportunity to share content on Facebook. You can and should use exercise both possibilities busily.

Lines on Maps Version 2

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