Gear History

Riding Gear
Riding Gear 1000 562 Michael

Riding Gear is the most important gear on a motorcycle trip. You’re in it if you don’t feel comfortable you will not have fun. If it doesn’t protect you from…

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Spare Parts & Tools
Spare Parts & Tools 1000 667 Michael

Spare Parts are always emergency parts and who knows what will happen? Let a specialist check your bike can prevent the worst but sometimes it makes the worst happen. A…

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Luggage System
Luggage System 1000 1000 Michael

Soft Luggage Hard luggage an often discussed question. I drive both, own both and that’s why I choose whats appropriate for my destination. My first buy was the 89l rackpack.…

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Kitchen 1000 747 Michael

The cooking equipment is in total a nice2have thing. Why? You also can have a cold meal mostly you are not far enough from civilisation that you can’t eat in…

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Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices 1000 667 Michael

Today it is not unusual that travellers carry a lot of electronic devices with them. Camera for movies and photos are self-evident like GPS, Tablet or Notebooks. This website makes I…

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Camping 1000 750 Michael

Honestly I’m not an enthusiastic camper. Wherever I can get an acceptable accommodation I will prefer it before you’ll see me on the campsite. If you have the chance to…

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Casual Clothes & Toiletries
Casual Clothes & Toiletries 1000 563 Michael

There‘s not much to write about Casual Clothes and Toiletries but it’s part of pack list. If the short comments in the History arn’t enough you find some more details…

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