American Loop – Western USA
American Loop – Western USA 1000 667 Michael

Until Colorado the route in the second part is absolute chaos. There are many highlights waiting Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Zion etc. a straight route becomes secondary.…

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Husky Build Phase 4 – Last Steps before Departure
Husky Build Phase 4 – Last Steps before Departure 1000 800 Michael

In order to complete the conversion of the motorcycles we were also depending on professional help and here the team of KTM-Mueller supported us First Service Handlebar Risers Fork Preload…

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Mush to Africa – Preparation & Route
Mush to Africa – Preparation & Route 1784 958 Michael

After American Loop, it would have been obvious to travel on to South America, but for various reasons, South America lost more and more interest for me: Adventure Happiness was…

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American Loop – TexMex
American Loop – TexMex 1920 1280 Michael

The first chapter of American Loop takes Michael from Houston Texas via the Big Bend National Park to El Paso. Together with buddy Frank he experiences a nerve-racking time in…

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Husky Build Phase 3 – Powerparts
Husky Build Phase 3 – Powerparts 1000 667 Michael

Husqvarna’s Powerparts program is growing steadily, so it’s no wonder we’ve found a number of useful things that make our Huskies more fit for travel. Furthermore, we have also resorted…

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Husky Build Phase 2 – Range
Husky Build Phase 2 – Range 1000 667 Michael

How important is range. Fact is I do not know any real experienced traveller who says you need more than 300km. Everyone confirms but relaxed tremendously when you get ahead.…

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Husky Build Phase 1 – Selfmade
Husky Build Phase 1 – Selfmade 1000 667 Michael

Of course, for an engineer and mechanic like me it is also a highlight to prepare the bike for a trip and to optimize it after a journey. On the…

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Motorcycles for American Loop
Motorcycles for American Loop 1000 1000 Michael

We have waited a long time for today and somehow it still does not feel real. But the fact is we have our bikes for American Loop. The decision was…

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Motorcycle Choice
Motorcycle Choice 1890 1417 Michael

The motorcycle choice for a trip like American Loop is difficult. Here I would like to give you an insight into our decision-making process. Decisions are always influenced by personal…

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Taffy Dakar 2018
Taffy Dakar 2018 1000 667 Michael

Again Martin persuades me for a short trip to which I would never have considered. The goal this time is the Taffy Dakar in Wales. The Taffy is an event…

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