Soft Luggage

Soft Luggage 1000 1000 Michael

Driving offroad gets much easier and safer with soft luggage. If you go to the German big three Louis, Polo and Hein Gericke you’ll find soft luggage that maybe works on street bikes. If you visit Touratech you most likely will return with boxes because the prices of soft luggage are nearly the same there.  The only german soft luggage manufacturer Ortlieb isn’t very innovative with motorcycle products and that’s why it’s not linked here.

What is linked now? Many American brands deliver very innovative soft luggage solutions, but they are not well known because there are not much dealers. As long no big company pick up these mostly American ideas it’s a chance for new small European manufacturers. You’ll find some of them here too. Compare their product range carefully there are major differences in functionality and prices.

None of these companies made any kind of deal with me, I don’t have an advantage by linking them.

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