Taffy Dakar
Taffy Dakar 1000 667 Michael
Iceland 2014
Iceland 2014 1024 682 Michael

As mentioned in eastern Adriatic, Iceland was my big dream. With his tales of his Endurotrips my group leader Ralf made me already mid-2012 curiously on Endurotrips. The travel report…

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Murphys Silkroad 2017
Murphys Silkroad 2017 1000 667 Michael

Murphys Silkroad was originally named the Alpide Belt and was planned as a six-week trip home from Mongolia to Germany. Unfortunately everything was different and I was confronted with a…

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Baltic Sea 2016
Baltic Sea 2016 1920 1440 Michael

Maybe you read my report about the Siberia Trip. For that trip I booked a Business Visa for 90 Days and entry two times. I didn’t need the two entries…

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Siberia 2016
Siberia 2016 1920 1280 Michael

This is the Report of 3 Riders Asmir, Kai and me. We started to ride the BAM-Road together in Juli 2016. We had a nice time together, it was a…

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Marocco Andalucia 2016
Marocco Andalucia 2016 1000 667 Michael

The Marocco and Andalucia Trip was an old dream that also failed several times. Biggest impulse for that Idea was the wish to escape from the Christmas and End of…

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Balkan Compact 2015
Balkan Compact 2015 1920 1280 Michael

My friend Martins report of our trip to primus rally was the first online ride report I was involved Link:   In theory the one of Oliver about our Iceland…

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Primus Rally 2015
Primus Rally 2015 1920 1080 Michael

The Primusrallye is a special kind of motorcycle meeting. Named after the Swedish manufacturer of fuel cookers, which are absolutely necessary for cooking at all. Gas and alcohol will work…

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Eastern Adriatic 2013
Eastern Adriatic 2013 1920 1280 Michael

Ostadria 2013 was for me a slow approach to my dream of travelling to Iceland. Not a bad idea in theory. After you crossed Albania you’ll finds conditions which are…

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Western Alps 2013
Western Alps 2013 1000 750 Michael

Already in the Vosges I had met with Steven unfortunately we did not have much time there. We planned already to visit the Western Alps together before. From German Enduro…

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