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Of course, as a school project, adventure happiness does not work without schools. As you are used to from us, there is of course an overview map:


More information about the schools

North-America - Canada - Belleville ON

Visit: Septembre 2019
School with 910 students

Centennial Secondary School

Centennial Secondary School is a publicly funded high school in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. The school is part of the Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board. Centennial prides itself on its “Double A” rating, specializing in Arts, Academics and Athletics. The school is also recognized as the regional school for Visual and Performing Arts. As of the 2018-19 academic year, Centennial has an enrollment of 910 students.

Students at Centennial Secondary School will find a wide range of academic opportunities. The school offers various areas of study in arts, physical education, sciences, technology, and social sciences. Students from Centennial have long participated in board and province wide academic events, including Model UN conferences and Science and Technology Fairs. 

Africa - Egypt - Cairo

Visit: Novembre 2019
School with  210 pupil

Compass Education Cairo

We are a trilingual school, serving children from 1 to 12 years. Our educated and child-centered teams of teachers work with small groups of children to be able to focus on the individuality of each child and help each child be the best version of themselves. By not only focusing on academic success, but also on strong social skills we aim to prepare children to become responsible members of our global society.

The KOMPASS system is child-centered, hands-on and inquiry-based. Real learning for children of all ages happens while exploring and experiencing from collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information. Children’s learning is therefore process-oriented, rather than product-oriented.

We give children the opportunity to recognize and follow their own interests. We encourage them to think for themselves and to develop their own individual voices.

Africa - Kenya - Kisumus

Visit: January 2020
School with 200 Pupils

Madoma Korando Faith Community Learning Centre

The school is located in the heart of a poor community outside Kisumu and includes a registered elementary school with kindergarten. The school currently enables over 200 children and adolescents to exercise their right for education that they would not be able to redeem without this institution.

School attendance costs families nothing, Korando, BetterMe and an American partner organization cover the costs of education, including school uniforms and meals.

Although the important role of APBET schools is recognized, they receive no government support. APBET schools were established to provide access to education for the poorest in informal settlements because there are few or no state schools.

The primary school consists of makeshift corrugated iron houses. The classrooms are small, dark, stuffy, very loud and hot. These conditions make learning extremely difficult.

Australia - Melbourne

Visit: February/ March 2020
School with 130 pupil

German School Melbourne

The German School Melbourne is a recognized German school abroad and is located in Victoria State, North Fitzroy. It offers bilingual education of the highest quality for children of primary school age up to and including grade 6.

 Currently over 130 students from 10 nations and 15 different languages attend our school. To meet these different learning needs of our students, we have differentiated our teaching methods and optimized the learning environment. Whenever necessary, we offer support hours to support the acquisition of both languages. This gives students with little or no previous knowledge the opportunity to learn in a supported learning environment.

At the heart of the bilingual and bicultural education of our students is the ‘one teacher one language’ concept. Our teachers are fluent in German and English, but only communicate with learners in their mother tongue. This bilingual communication expands our students’ cultural perspectives and inspires them to become creative and confident participants in our international community.

Africa - South-Afrika - Cape-Town

Visit: April/May 2020
School with 270 pupil 

Zenzeleni - Waldorf School

Zenzeleni was founded in 1999. Today the school ranges from Grade One through Grade Seven, with a student body of about 270 learners. At Zenzeleni lessons are taught in an interesting way, so that the children enjoy their school days, exhibiting an eagerness to learn. The lessons are lively, drawing the children into a fullness of activity. Our specially-trained teachers know that a child learns not only through her head, but also through her heart and hands. Therefore the lessons include artistic work like painting, drawing and music, ring games, drama and crafts. Waldorf education empowers children with true knowledge, creativity, and the ability to take initiative.

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