The Schools

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Of course, as a school project, adventure happiness does not work without schools. As you are used to from us, there is of course an overview map:


More information about the schools

Africa - Kenya - Kisumus

The Schools

Visit: April/Mai 2020
School with 200 Pupils

Madoma Korando Faith Community Learning Centre

The school is located in the heart of a poor community outside Kisumu and includes a registered elementary school with kindergarten. The school currently enables over 200 children and adolescents to exercise their right for education that they would not be able to redeem without this institution.

School attendance costs families nothing, Korando, BetterMe and an American partner organization cover the costs of education, including school uniforms and meals.

Although the important role of APBET schools is recognized, they receive no government support. APBET schools were established to provide access to education for the poorest in informal settlements because there are few or no state schools.

The primary school consists of makeshift corrugated iron houses. The classrooms are small, dark, stuffy, very loud and hot. These conditions make learning extremely difficult.

The Schools

On our map is still a lot of space and we are in contact with other schools. We are happy to receive any letter from interested schools and are grateful for your contacts, suggestions and tips.

  • Ideally, there are potential schools along our route, but this is not set in stone (more about the route). As part of American Loop, we can only visit schools in the US, Canada, Australia, and in English Southern Africa. However, we do not exclude a continuation of the project for further goals after our sabbaticals.
  • The project week can only be offered in German or English, as we only have sufficient knowledge in these languages.
  • We provide our services and equipment free of charge. The prerequisite is, however, that images may be used for the “Share Happiness” illustrated book and to promote the project. This is necessary because we finance the project through donations and cooperation with companies.

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