Gear History

Gear History 150 150 Michael


My gear is steady developing that’s why I show a gear history in every section. You can see what I used for which trip and how I optimised my gear for the expected conditions. So at first total, packed and worn weight:

West Alpen 2013Ostadria 2013 Island 2014Primus Rallye 2015Balkan Kompakt 2015Sibirien 2016Ostsee 2016Murphys Seidenstraße 2017
Getragenes Gewicht8.

Since a too heavy loaded bike on “Eastern Adriatic Sea 2013” I use a very detailed pack list. This list is the base for the information that you find about my motorcycle tours. Keep always in mind that a motorcycle is optimised without luggage and a 75kg driver. A full riding gear is 10kg and total luggage below 25kg is a big price or compromise even with soft luggage. Before Siberia I gave my suspension to a specialist to adjust it for my weight and luggage. The difference was amazing the bike drove never so good before. If you travel often invest that money. It’s the best invest in your own safety.

Some of my personal experiences about luggage and its optimisation are:

  • If you’re not sure about an item, don’t take it with you if you can buy it there. E.g. Food Medicine, Sanitary articles, cloths, shoes etc. are needed everywhere and are available everywhere.
  • Items that you don’t need will annoy you everytime you pack them in your luggage again.
  • If you use an item rarely don’t take it with you and mostly you’ll find a way to replace it. (Exception all emergency stuff)
  • Having enough space left makes it easier to pack and to transport supplies like food and water.
  • If it’s annoying to pack your luggage it’s too much or you need to improve your luggage system. Test that at home for example with a weekend trip.
  • Important things like money, documents and passport close to your body all the time. I use a holster for that. It still has to be easy accessible or do you want to strip in front of an officer or cashier.
  • Expensive stuff (Camera, Tablet, Notebook etc.) must be easy to take off and easy to carry.
  • You need at least one Backup of not restorable things like photos and videos. Several reasons can lead to data loss be prepared. My Example: The SD cards in my Cameras are big enough to take all media. I transfer the media to the tablet and separate storage card. The electronic devices have a high risk of theft that’s why the separate storage card is always somewhere else.
  • Don’t worry too much about your luggage. You never carry just items that you like and no item lasts forever.
  • No matter what others say take with you whatever helps to hold your motivation on top.

You’ll find some more but not too many details in the following topics. If you need some more don’t hesitate to ask.

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