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Spare Parts & Tools 1000 667 Michael

Spare Parts are always emergency parts and who knows what will happen? Let a specialist check your bike can prevent the worst but sometimes it makes the worst happen. A well maintained bike will drive better and will less likely breakdown. If you can’t remember the last suspension maintenance this is a must have for longer and especially off-road trips. Also very important are the bearings of the levers of you rear suspensions. If you’re engine brakes you’re f… anyway. Most problems need special tools and if something brakes you will not have all the spare parts with you anyway. That’s why I never carry engine parts. A check you can do before with low costs is a pressure lost test. It will indicate problems with valves and pistons or pistonrings. Luckily most engine problems don’t lead directly to a breakdown sot that you still can drive a few kms with them. Carburettor, injection- and ignition system are much more often the reason for breakdowns. But even a not working cooling fan can bring you in serious trouble like I experienced during Balkan Compact. The major breakdowns during Baltic Sea and Siberia were from the same kind. Both were easy to solve with some basic knowledge of electric circuits of your bike and the right tools. A small multimeter is much more useful than the most other tools. I know enough about all that and still don’t carry the right tools with me. Why, maybe not enough problems to motivate me in the past? Maybe it’s just laziness.

The History of Use contains a few general spare parts and is incomplete especially for Siberia. The carried tools are missing completly. This section is something I plan to rework soon. That’s why you don’t find more comments.
Spare Parts & ToolsWestern Alps 2013Eastern Adriatic 2013 Iceland 2014Primus Rally 2015Balkan Compact 2015Siberia 2016Baltic Sea 2016Alpide Belt 2017
Total Weight0,4kg2,1kg2,7kg0,9kg1,8kg2,4kg1,6kg1,8kg
sprocket 14 (KTM 640)166greally heavy terrain111
sprocket 15 (KTM 640)178gmixed terrain1111
Repair and Breakdownkits391g761g2331g841g1066g1641g641g1161g
Ortlieb Camping Repairkit33gessential11111111
TipTop Tube Repair Kit33gessential11111111
Holdts Start Pilot200gdepends on11
some Bolts, Nuts, Fuses230gessential11111111
Bowden cable repairkit95gessential1111
Sparetube Rear800gessential with UHD tubes11
Sparetube Front425gessential with UHD tubes111
Can 3l empty370gdepends on11
air gauge45gessential1111111
sea to summit Pocket Trowel90gnice2have111
theft protection990g311g311g311g901g311g
Hartman mini cord lock89gto weak1
ABUS cable lock901gto strong 11
bike lock311gcompromise1111
nice to keep the bike free of ice1

The Siberia tools and spare Parts

Some pictures related to field repairs => Think about it, it happens!

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