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Lines on Maps is a travel blog dedicated to this subject in all possible forms but dominated by motorcycle travels. In addition to great pictures, videos and reports you will find all sorts of useful information for your own travel plans. To find out more about the Authors Oliver and Michael click on the Button.

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Mush to Africa – Preparation & Route
Mush to Africa – Preparation & Route 1784 958 Michael

After American Loop, it would have been obvious to travel on to South America, but for various reasons, South America lost more and more interest for me: Adventure Happiness was…

Multimedia Presentation Sibiria on 21.2.
Multimedia Presentation Sibiria on 21.2. 1000 707 Michael

The flight is booked, the transport commissioned the deadline moves closer. Already everything is going hunky-dory, so it is definitely the last opportunity to listen again to the Siberia presentation…

Multimedia Presentation Sibiria on 15.2.
Multimedia Presentation Sibiria on 15.2. 1527 1080 Michael

If the weather forecast announces Siberian cold again, I have to do something against the cliché and bring some impressions from the Siberian summer of 2016 to you. The host…

Motorcycles for American Loop
Motorcycles for American Loop 1000 1000 Michael

We have waited a long time for today and somehow it still does not feel real. But the fact is we have our bikes for American Loop. The decision was…

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