Husky Build Phase 3 – Powerparts

Husky Build Phase 3 – Powerparts 1000 667 Michael

Husqvarna’s Powerparts program is growing steadily, so it’s no wonder we’ve found a number of useful things that make our Huskies more fit for travel. Furthermore, we have also resorted to some other parts from the aftermarket. What we put on and why you learn here:

Easier Maintenance

Better Ergonomics

Functional Improvement




Basically, you buy a Husqvarna 701 Enduro, because this motorcycle wants to be a sport tool and it is also one. If one observes how the majority uses this motorcycle, it is not surprising that currently hardly travel accessories are represented in the Powerpart program. The variety of accessory solutions is hard to overlook and it is not a problem to completely ruin this bike with parts and bad assembly. While luggage racks can be bought well in the accessories according to personal preference, I would prefer to rely on the experience of an OEM in some parts, as to that of various manufactories. Another issue is the limitation of warranty claims when changes are made to the motorcycle.

An extension of the PowerParts program or the scope of delivery of the bike would be desirable in my view with the following:

  • A mapping switch to reduce the power offroad. Although the performance is well to dose, you’re never aware of unwanted throttle opening which ends quickly dangerous.
  • Front travel tank with additional fuel pump and about 10l capacity.
  • Larger radiator or water pump with higher delivery volume to reduce the turn-on time of the radiator fan and thus its noise.
  • Rally fairing, windshield or windscreen are not on my wish list but on many others.

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