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Lines on Maps is a travel blog dedicated to this subject in all possible forms but dominated by motorcycle travels. In addition to great pictures, videos and reports you will find all sorts of useful information for your own travel plans.

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Now as a team!
Now as a team! 1000 667 Michael

Lines on Maps is finally no longer a solo project. With Oliver has a second author joined the team. High time to reveal a few details about the people behind…

Finally a motorcycle again
Finally a motorcycle again 1000 750 Michael

My good 990s is back. Even if it will be sold in 2018, I am glad that I finally have a motorcycle in the garage again. On that occasion there…

Lines on Maps Version 2
Lines on Maps Version 2 1921 1087 Michael

For a long time a big update was overdue. Lines on Maps should not only show where the last trip was, it should also be a help for those, who…

Bagproject 2017
Bagproject 2017 1000 667 Michael

Already in the report Balkan Kompakt 2015, I mentioned the bags, which my mother sewed for this trip and which have served me well since. Of course, after my ideas,…

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