Camping 1000 750 Michael

Honestly I’m not an enthusiastic camper. Wherever I can get an acceptable accommodation I will prefer it before you’ll see me on the campsite. If you have the chance to camp wild it’s completely different. The feeling of waking up in nature is amazing. Depending on the country I’m travelling my setup is a bit different.

CampingWestern Alps 2013Eastern Adriatic 2013 Iceland 2014Primus Rally 2015Balkan Compact 2015Siberia 2016Baltic Sea 2016Alpide Belt 2017
Total Weight7,6kg7,1kg7,4kg9,4kg7,2kg5,2kg5,2kg3,4kg
noName Tent Iglu 4P4900gnice for meetings
Vaude Tent Hogan 2P3285gstormproof11111
Vaude Footprint Hogan365gneedless for my cheap tents111
Sierra Designs Flashlight 2P1780ggoing light111
Relags Tentnail Rockpin15g101010101010
Exped Snow and Sand Anchor20g10105
Vaude Tentpegs short15g1010555555
coghlands Tentpegs long20g1010101010101010
Vaude Repairhull tent rods10g11111111
Vaude anchor cord short5g
anchor cord long15g44444
Fenix headlamp HL30145g1111111
UCO candle lantern Uco Micor inkl. 2 tea candle118g1
tea candle17g8
Sleepingbag & mat3362g3010g3270g5018g2883g2883g2883g890g
Exped camping mat Downmat XP 9 LW1262gunbelivable comfortable1111111
Therm A Rest camping mat Neoair Xlite340gwish1
Vaude Sleepingbag Navajo Comfort 2201748gbig and comfortable111
Mountain Equipment Sleepingbag Classic 500 1269gbad buy11111
Nahanny Alpin Sleeping Bag550gwish1
sea to summit Inlet Thermolite® Reactor Extreme Liner352g111111
387gessential in cold conditions11

The Vaude Hogan was the perfect tent for Iceland. No storm a can harm that tent and no matter how much rain falls it will keep you dry. For most countries this tent is too tough and so it’s just a heavy item. That’s why I bought the Sierra Designs Flashlight to stay light in more average conditions. My NoName Iglu is my first own tent it is more than 20years old and still in good shape. I still use it for meetings or festivals where comfort is in focus. During the Primus Rally I realized that I don’t own an appropriate tent for winter camping yet. You need a big tent with good ventilation to reduce condensation. It also annoying to crawl in a small tent with all the insulating layers you wear. That’s why most people use tipi tens for that. In the links section you find some manufacturers of tipi tents and stoves to heat them.

Mostly ignored but painfully missed if you just have the wrong ones. The snow and sand anchors are a light and very useful item if you expect this type of ground. They are also the only option on solid rock because you can fill them with stones. If it’s average stony ground you will be happy with the rockpins. You can easily hammer them into the ground with a stone without bending them. For the rare green grass you can use the included pegs.

Never go out without a headlamp. They are much more handy and flexible then a normal pocket lamp.  The Candle Lantern is not a romantic item. If you go out for wintercamping this small light raises the temperature in your tent a little bit.

The Exped down mat is a nice and incredible comfortable mat. Every user I know was at least once in conflict to inflate it in his hotel room because it offers more comfort then the bed. Of course comfort weights. That’s why I plan to buy the Neo Air Xlite I slept once on this mat the comfort is acceptable the biggest disadvantages are size and the rustling material. In winter air mats aren’t very comfortable. Every time you sit on them you compress them until no insulation is left. Thats why I use the Evazote below the air mat or the whole tent. The big surface surrounding the air mat increases the comfort also.

The Vaude Navajo was bought to stay a night at friends places not for camping. But I also use it to place the Mountain Equipment Down Sleeping into it for cold condtions. This combination works great down -20°C. The Mountain Equipment is too heavy for what it is that’s why you already find a possible replacement the Nahanny Alpin on the list. The Inlet is a nice but not essential item. Don’t belive it increases the Comfort range of you sleeping bag its more for hygienic reasons.

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