Partner Adventure Happiness and American Loop

The two linked projects of our sabbaticals represent the biggest challenge for us so far. We have written countless mails and made phone calls to inspire schools and companies for our projects. Everything besides our everyday work as a teacher or engineer. Accordingly, we are looking forward to the day when we can sit on the bikes and just give throttle. This feeling is only surpassed by being able to bring a little more luck into the life of the pupils and to put a smile on their faces. All this would not have been possible without our partners. At this point, we would like to thank you for the trust and support.

The biggest investment for a motorcycle trip is always the motorcycle. All the better is it, therefore, if you have the manufacturer of your desired motorcycle on the boat. We would like to thank Husqvarna Motorcyles Deutschland for their support in buying and equipping the motorcycles. We’re sure that the 701 Enduro bikes will take us to any remote area we’ll head for during and after American Loop.


Has anyone ever become happy because they have heard about being happy? Or because someone has told you about it? Maybe! The feeling of happiness can be better understood if I actively participate and experience it.  For me personally, the METALOG® training tools used are training devices for the happiness muscle. We were able to make the theoretical content of the “Adventure Happiness” project a wonderful practical experience. Many thanks for providing the training tools and coordinating the shipping of the “Adventure Happiness Box”.

For a long time, Michael was looking for solutions to expand fuel range. In addition to technical arguments, we both care deeply about the passion with which our partners do their work. Dr. Dimitris Lassithiotakis advised Michael during the research without hesitation to an extent that was simply extraordinary. His expertise and passion were ultimately crucial to him and to trust the products of Aurora Rally. Without his support, we would have used canisters, thank you very much.

Husqvarna brought us together and that was a good thing. The Auer Biker Village team prepared immediately after delivery in no time our motorcycles for the delivery before Christmas and even without own benefit. We don’t want to imagine what stress it would have been, if we had lost the preparation time over the holidays. That we had the possibility to get to know each other better through Michael Siberia’s presentation in your premises was a great pleasure. We would also like to thank you for the opportunity and your commitment.

We also could rely on the KTM Müller Team during the preparation of American Loop. The final touch is well known to the end and unfortunately has lagged much. Accordingly, there was not much time and we are all the more pleased that everything worked out anyway. For your kindness and especially for the opportunity to generate donations for adventure happiness with Michael’s Siberia presentation again we would like to thank you very much.

Past Journeys

Murphys Silkroad 2017

If you strand in the middle of the steppe of Kazakhstan, far from civilization, and you cannot turn your engine even by force, that is a major engine failure and a big problem. Michael has experienced exactly that and knows how much one then appreciates a competent contact person at home like Roland Müller. Remote diagnosis by photos and description for Roland no big problem. In no time he has collected all necessary parts and sent them to Kazakhstan. Such a service every overlander wishes and that is also deserves a big thank you.

Iceland 2014

Iceland away from the ring road? That’s really fun! Especially if, like Oliver, you get great support. Michael Engelke and Wunderlich are reliable partners when it comes to motorcycle trips far away from trampled routes. “Takk fyrir sidast” – Thanks for the last time!