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Bagproject 2017 1000 667 Michael

Already in the report Balkan Kompakt 2015, I mentioned the bags, which my mother sewed for this trip and which have served me well since.

Of course, after my ideas, they are exactly what I wanted and it’s fun to use them. It was also great fun to prepare the sewing. I just did not dare to sew. In order to shorten the long winter evenings a bit, I ventured on some simpler bags. The result is:

  • Bag for pegs and tent poles, peculiarity Y-pegs and pegs are separated.
  • 4 compression bags for tent, sleeping pads and sleeping bag

All made of waterproof coated 500den Cordura and thus absolutely robust and waterproof except for the seams. 100% waterproof would reduce the compressibility and is not necessary. I take the extra weight for the heavy material after many worn bags and packs like those you can buy.

As I said these bags and backpacks were my practice pieces. The big idea was already buzzing in my head. Since I saw the Reckless bags from Mosko Moto they just could not get out of my head anymore. After a long search for cheaper alternatives, I found nothing that is nearly as functional. But I got a lot of new ideas on how I would do the bags myself. There was no way around it I had to try it. If I had I bought the Mosko Motos I would have been dissatisfied anyway. So step 1 design cut. Unfortunately with the 990s although the bags are for the 640er. But who read Sibrien 2016 knows where it was at the time.

After about 6 different paper cuts, there was a prototype made out of some old remnant and the principle was ready. The central element is the bag system, which is placed over the motorcycle like a yoke.

  • The yoke should hold 2 waterproof bags (Ortlieb PD350 22l, replaced with PS490 22l after Murphys Silkroad).
  • At the yoke In front of the pack sacks I wanted the possibility to use elastic straps to fix any purchases.
  • Behind the pack sacks should be integrated 2 smaller non-waterproof bags which can take e.g. 2 PET bottles with 1.5l each. In contrast to the Mosko Motos I did not want an unnecessary roll closure and no arrangement in the splash zone of ​​the rear wheel.
  • On top of it, should be space for a 30l backpack and optionally another bag. It should be possible to attach them to the yoke so that I’m not dependent on additional lashing points.
  • A perfect fitting protective cover for the backpack can be installed if the rag that contains a card compartment and two other compartments are not enough.
  • To attach the yoke securely and to have any lashing points, loops are fitted on the edges through which a circumferential belt is pulled. This helps to ensure a uniform force distribution in falls and has with 2 easily replaceable buckles a defined breaking point. If the sewn loops tear off these can be easily sewn on. Each belt is replaceable by any tension belt.

Next, the actual bag was sewn in countless hours.

The finished bag alone was not enough. To protect it I had to make some heat shields. Stainless steel sheet, stainless steel clamps and heat protection film, as opposed to sewing an easy exercise.

Let’s go for the test drive:

Conclusion after the test drive:

Everything stays where and works as it should. An absolute highlight is that after loosening the straps on the yoke all luggage can be thrown on the shoulder. The hands are completely free! In the sense of the concept, this is just an option as long as the bags are clean.

Conclusion after Murpys Silkroad:

Even if my bags are of poor sewing quality they did a quite good job everything stayed where it should and even with some damages I could easily continue. I had two accidents and both ended with a very hard fall, which I survived nearly unharmed. The System with the circumferential belt allows a lot of movement for the luggage. In case of accidents the luggage brings itself in the best position without ruining everything. Even though I never had problems with moving luggage while driving and Mongolias roads are definitly a bit shaky. No buckles of the circumferential belt were broken but a loop ripped off. As expected it was easy to seam that again. The PD350 Pack Sack was too weak so I replaced them with the tougher PS490. The lashing points will need some reinforcement they broke of first. The Pockets of the Yoke were to narrow so that it was difficult to put in the full Pack Sacks. For my first Bag I’m very happy to have just a few issues. Compared to the Siberia Luggage the Handling improved. The idea of the System works great. Taking all my luggage of the bike was never that easy and clean. I’ll never ride Saddle Bags again and I gonna sell my Boxes. If you want to have a bit theft protection you can  pull a wire lock through the rings of the packsacks and through the lashing points of the bike. It’s not as safe as a Box but theft protections starts with making it more complicated.

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