Murphys Silkroad 2017

Stresstest for my Optimism

Murphys Silkroad was originally named the Alpide Belt and was planned as a six-week trip home from Mongolia to Germany. Unfortunately everything was different and I was confronted with a streak of bad luck with epic proportions. A brief overview of the most important events:

With my bike:

  • 1x almost accident
  • 1x chain jumped off
  • 1x accident
  • 1x dangerous collapse
  • Multiple start-up problems
  • 2x Electric problems with motorcycle failure
  • 2x engine damage

Cates Motorcycle:

  • Motorcycle arrives too late
  • 1x axle nut lost and almost also the rear wheel.
  • Luggage rack destroyed
  • 3x tire damage, 2x with flat tire
  • 3x broken rear frame
  • 1x broken clutch


  • Passport comes too late and flight paid for nothing
  • Sanjas trucks broke down with a broken fuel pump,
  • Flood in the freeride workshop
  • Cate loses mobile phone, actioncam and the memory cards with all pictures from Mongolia to Uzbekistan.
  • Flattire on the truck of the Snaiths
  • Brake disc cover broken on the truck of the Snaiths

there were also enough smaller problems, too, but the list already speaks volumes.

The start in Mongolia was still half-decent and we had a good time in the northern foothills of the Gobi desert. Due to the weather, a deep dive into mountain roads and off-road trails in the Altai is too critical. In Kazakhstan our paths separate. Cate drove the Pamir and I tried to repair my motorcycle unsuccessfully. The following change from the motorcycle traveler to a backpacker will hopefully be an once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the exhausting heat of Uzbekistan, I can only continue with all possibilities of public transportation until we meet the Snaiths. Azerbaijan and Iran really allow me to dive deeply into the world of backpackers.

Murphys Silkroad 2017
Arrival 1000 667 Michael

The trip has not yet begun and gave me already a nerve-wracking rollercoaster like I…

Mongolia 1920 1280 Michael

A small city stroll on Sunday, nice conversations with the other travelers at the Oasis…

Russia 1000 667 Michael

In Russia there are difficult decisions to made. Driving on mountain roads through the real…

Kazakhstan 1000 667 Michael

In Kazakhstan our paths separate. A motor noise worries me so much that I decide…

Uzbekistan 667 1000 Michael

Fortunately, Yuri, the husband of one of the ladies of the German cultural center, has…

Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea 1000 667 Michael

The next day we reach the border to Kazakhstan where Steve is eternally stopped because…

Azerbaijan 1000 667 Michael

In the middle of the night, the ferry arrives in Alat. 70km south of Baku.…

Iran 667 1000 Michael

The start is unfortunately somewhat confusing. I am guided to different queues and my passport…

Conclusion 1000 563 Michael

My concern was at first I would be bored by this average trip along the…

2 Riders Honda CRF 250L and KTM 640 plant als trip home from mongolia, in the end a backpacker journey through central asia along the silkroad. Timeschedule 8 Weeks, ca. 3500km driven on bike.

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