Conclusion 1000 563 Michael

My concern was at first I would be bored by this average trip along the Silk Road. I had not expected a streak of bad luck of such epic proportions and I would have been definitely rather bored.

Why did I not give up in Kazakhstan?

Mainly giving up is simply not in my nature and I would not have forgave myself this unworthy end at home. Moreover, the visas for Uzbekistan and Iran would have been for nothing. Also relevant was the desire to apologize personally at Cate. My decision to drive alone to Almaty has annoyed and disappointed her deeply. We had a good time and I didn’t wanted it to end. It also attracted me to rebuild the engine and before the trip I already thought about a backpacker journey before.
Would I do it again?

Yes but not in the same way. Gilly said to me during the trip “You have an incredibly positive attitude to life” I never received a bigger compliment from anyone. But I must admit that I have consumed incredibly much of my positive energy. I was always motivated by the thought it can not only run badly, something positive must happen too. As a result, I often had exaggerated expectations that were not met and nobody got more of that frustration than Cate. I am indefinitely grateful to her for her patience and support. The very different travel experience also makes the community feeling more difficult. While so far the highlights always bonded the team together, Cate’s great highlight is the Pamir and mine are the people of Kazakhstan both experiences we did alone. The next time I would separate from my travel partners to avoid the tensions caused by the unequal travel conditions.

Will I travel again as a backpacker?

Not in this configuration. Without a motorcycle I was no longer free and bound to cities. Freedom and nature, however, are the reason why I travel with a light enduro and knobby tires. To see Cate driving away and arriving aggravated the feeling additionally. From other tourists I often felt just noticed as her sad shadow. With the other backpackers this was better but the road always remained an obstacle and no longer the reward. The extensive sightseeing in the cities is also not my world. On the other hand, the deep submergence in the population in public transport is attractive. I like the social life in the hostels very well. In the end, however, both experiences are similar to those with a motorcycle.

Was it worth?

Who has problems needs people. I have met a lot of incredibly friendly people and they will all stay in positive memories. My confidence in the people and the confidence that everything always continues is enormously increased. Someday, in my life, this experience will surely be very useful to me. I just hope that it will not be too soon. Especially for the time with Family Snaith I am very grateful. I was not expecting being integrated so kindly and the memory makes me still happy.

What about your bike?

The question is still open. The import is time-consuming the return transport is expensive so far nothing is decided. Currently, she is waiting in Taras at a prospective buyer for my decision about her fate.


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