Murphys Silkroad 2017

Conclusion 1000 563 Michael

My concern was at first I would be bored by this average trip along the Silk Road. I had not expected a streak of bad luck of such epic proportions…

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Iran 667 1000 Michael

The start is unfortunately somewhat confusing. I am guided to different queues and my passport is inspected several times and passed around. The frontier officials are friendly and give me…

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Azerbaijan 1000 667 Michael

In the middle of the night, the ferry arrives in Alat. 70km south of Baku. No accommodations no place to camp. Steve and Gilly impressed me when they invited all…

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Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea 1000 667 Michael

The next day we reach the border to Kazakhstan where Steve is eternally stopped because a border official does not want to accept that it is not a truck but…

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Uzbekistan 667 1000 Michael

Fortunately, Yuri, the husband of one of the ladies of the German cultural center, has to go to Tashkent and gave me a crash course in the use of public…

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Kazakhstan 1000 667 Michael

In Kazakhstan our paths separate. A motor noise worries me so much that I decide to move forward quickly to reach Almaty faster. It is my hope that the problem…

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Russia 1000 667 Michael

In Russia there are difficult decisions to made. Driving on mountain roads through the real Altai or save time on the main road. Due to bad weather the main road…

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Mongolia 1920 1280 Michael

A small city stroll on Sunday, nice conversations with the other travelers at the Oasis everything feels as if I had never been at home in between. My I got…

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Arrival 1000 667 Michael

The trip has not yet begun and gave me already a nerve-wracking rollercoaster like I have never experienced before. But from the beginning. Friday 3 working days before departure, my…

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