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The cooking equipment is in total a nice2have thing. Why? You also can have a cold meal mostly you are not far enough from civilisation that you can’t eat in a restaurant. I prefer this last option most of the time because it’s interesting to interact with locals and become acquainted to the local food.

Arguments for the cooking equipment are staying in the wild for days like I did on Iceland or in Siberia. If you don’t trust the local water supply you also should prevent eating in restaurants.  Strongest argument is the fun of cooking you own meal.

KitchenWestern Alps 2013Eastern Adriatic 2013 Iceland 2014Primus Rally 2015Balkan Compact 2015Siberia 2016Baltic Sea 2016Alpide Belt 2017
Total Weight2,6kg3,3kg3,1kg2,9kg2kg2kg1,5kg2kg
Trangia Cover F2720gto thin material111111
Trangia pot-set 27-1 UL570gmakes sense with gas or alcohol stove11111
Trangia just Pan and Pots from 27-1 UL245g111
Trangia multi-disc73gnice2have111111
Selfmade Seperation Towel45greduces abrasion111111
MSR Dish Brush/Scraper20gessential111111
Zölzer folding funnel50gvery useful111111
german army cutlery200gjust single purpose11
Herbertz camping knife170gbig knife cuts wood and food111111
Jetboil fork 10glight and works111111
Jetboil spoon10glight and works111111
Jetboil spatula15gnever used11
Markill wide mouth bottle (empty)205gplastic bottles do a better job341
NoName thermos jug1220gjust in cold conditions11
R.Hofmann GmbH Spices shaker big150gto big11
R.Hofmann GmbH Spices shaker small15gnice2have111111
Trangia alcohol stove112gto slow11
Edelrid Dragon 2 gas stove400gbought for my van kitchen1
Edelrid gas cartridge (incl. 230g filling)380g1121
Edelrid Hexon multifuel stove200ggreat stove11111
Edelrid Adapter Hexon multifuel stove for Trangia15g111
Edelrid Tool Hexon multifuel stove60g11111
Edelrid Pump Hexon multifuel stove115g11
Primus Primus Fuelbottle 0,89l (incl. Fuel 675g)900galso my fuel reserve1111
Edelrid Edelrid Fuelbottle 0,33l (incl. Fuel 250g)370gto small
Grilliput Duo Minigrill560gexpendable1

I bought a Trangia set with the idea of using the small alcohol stove. With the multifuel and especially with fuel it makes not much sense so I just used the pots. Because I choose the raw aluminium version I always have a lot of abrasion in my pots. To reduce that I have the multi disc and the separation towel. The rest are more gadgets and don’t need an explanation.

The Trangia alcohol stove is ok if you need just one pot of water and start too cook and pitch you tent until the water is boiling. If you sit in front waiting for it you’ll soon get fed up. A cheap improvement are the most Gas stoves. I bought the Edelrid Dragon 2 for the kitchen of my van. For motorcycle purpose i would buy a lighter one like the Edelrid Kiro. Gas is easier to handle but it doesn’t work properly below 0°C.  You can still cook with the better gas cartridges but they will stop half empty and are slow. The most flexible solution is a multifuel stove. But the flexibility has more disadvantages then advantages. If you burn fuel it needs more maintenance it’s nosy and difficult to regulate. If you use gas you can reduce maintenance but the rest is worse compared with a pure gas stove. As long im travelling in Europe I prefer the pure Gas Stove. Outside it will be a pure fuel or multifuel. The fuel is easy to get, also a reserve for my bike and I can spray it on fire wood to start a fire.

The included 0,33l Fuelbottle was too small for me. It’s great for hiking but as a reserve for a bike 0,33l make no sense. The Grilliput is another useless gadget for me. Of course you can transport raw meat on your bike a few hours, but I mostly don’t plan to camp wild and start a fire. That makes it difficult to have a use of that gadget. So buy gadgets after you know more about your travelling preferences.

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