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Casual Clothes & Toiletries 1000 563 Michael

There‘s not much to write about Casual Clothes and Toiletries but it’s part of pack list. If the short comments in the History arn’t enough you find some more details below.

Casual Clothes and ToiletriesWestern Alps 2013Eastern Adriatic 2013 Iceland 2014Primus Rally 2015Balkan Compact 2015Siberia 2016Baltic Sea 2016Alpide Belt 2017
Total Weight6,1kg6,8kg6,9kg10,5kg7,3kg6,5kg8,2kg5,7kg
FlipFlops320gnice after long day in boots1111111
trekking shoes700gfor a walk111111
Haix Boots Airpower P9 Deser1635gtough conditions only1
Cotton socks45gjust don't do it241
woolsocks75gaverage wools socks1
FLM Synthetic/Cotton Mix socks (knee high)70gsmells after a day434434
Woolpower Woolpower Liner Classic50gsmells after 3 days44444
Woolpower thermosock 600120gfeels like burning feet2111
underpants cotton65gjust don't do it444123
Boxer Merino (tbd)90g2
Woolpower Boxer Briefs90gnot elastic enough33333
Woolpower Long Johns 200200gon bike 5-10°C1111
Woolpower Long Johns 400415gon bike 0-5°C11
Vaude undershirt Seamless Light Shirt 90gfor sweat transport22
Woolpower Long undershirt 200230gon bike 15-20°C11111
Woolpower Long undershirt 400510gon bike 10-15°C11
Vaude Long undershirt Seamless Light LS Shirt90gfor sweat transport122
Poloshirt cotton240gjust for casual22
Synthetic-shirt174ggood ones smell after 3 days23225453
Short404gjust for casual11
Pants725gjust for casual11
Lundhags Authentic Pants618gmore elastic111
Fjäll Räven Barents Pro586gmosquito proof111
swimming trunks178g11111
Trigema Fleece vest305gadditional cold protection11
Jack Wolfskin Fleece Jacket highloft636gmostly for casual use but also a nice pillow 111111
Fleece Jacket thin437greplaced by the woolpower underwear11
Bundeswehr german Army Parka1800gtough conditions only1
Kappe101gessential with my hairstyle1111111
Wollen Hat90gessential with my hairstyle1111
Toiletries and Medicine2270g2175g2270g2125g2520g2520g2520g2385g
Hairbrush50gno need anymore1
Babyless Pro Haircutter85gsmall as a cellphone works with 2 AAA1
sea to summit Travel Towel red small60g11111111
sea to summit Travel Towel green big280g11111111
roll-on 50ml85g11111111
shower gel 250ml285g11111111
hand laundry detergent 125ml145g111111
toothpaste 75ml105g11111111
hand cleaner 25ml30g11111111
allround cream30g1111
Ortlieb First Aid Bag600g11111111
Small dressing material Kit200gadditional on first aid bag11111111

Shoes are heavy and need a lot of volume. I’m not happy with them and not without them. Easy to imagine, that I still haven’t found a good solution.

Socks must be merino for me. If you wash the socks and the inner shoe at least once a week you can prevent the worst. A thin merino socks worn below helps also a lot if you have to wear your waterproof socks for a longer time period. A special sock is the Woolpower 600g/m². I borrowed it a friend once and his comment was “like my feet are burning”. They are amazing but in wrong conditions they soon get wet by your sweat. I typical wear a thin sock below that I can replace and dry faster.

For underwear I prefer merino mostly because I don’t like the feeling of the synthetic stuff. The Woolpower stuff is my best shield against cold. During the Primus Rally I needed them all. The 200g/m² as first the 400g/m² as second layer. Merino stays warm  when it’s wet isn’t completely right. It’s just less cold then cotton or synthetics. A nice tricks to stay warm in cold conditions is switching first and second layer. The wet previous first layer dries faster and the previous second layer keeps you dry and warm. Staying dry is the most important rule anyway. Have some underwear in spare if you will sweat during you activities and don’t hesitate to take of some clothes when you realize that you’re sweating just don’t do it if you are already totally wet. It is the bacteria that make you sick, not the cold. During all my trips I never felt the need to wash my Merino underwear. Hang them out when it’s possible that’s enough.

During motorcycle trips I have 100% synthetic shirts. I haven’t tried merino shirts yet but I think I’ll do soon. Good synthetic shirts are a bit difficult to find. If they feel soft and fleecy it’s most likely good if they feel hard and rough they will scratch and smell soon.

Short pant long pants? Why no Zip off pants? Maybe I just haven’t found one that I liked yet. But I like the Authentic Pants for activities where you walk a lot. In the camp around the fire and especially in mosquito areas the Barents are a better choice. The swimming trunks are a nice2have item. You can also swim in your underwear or in shorts. I would just take them with me if I plan to stay at the beach somewhere.

The Jack Wolfskin highloft is my favourite jacket. I guess I never worn a jacket as often then this one. It also does a good job as pillow or as additional insulation below the riding suit. I guess any other highloft fleece jacket will to the trick too. The thin or average fleece jacket isn’t that functional therefore I prefer my comparable 200g/m² woolpower shirt. Maybe it’s different with an highend version.  The Fleece vest is a layer you can wear below the riding suit without reducing the flexibility in your arms to much. The old Army Parka (or any other Parka) is great for Winter meetings.  It’s long, warm and not flammable. Because it’s not waterproof I wax it with Greenland wax before every use.

Caps and Hats are essential for me since a friend accelerated my decision for a new hairstyle. I own them in different styles and choose them matching to my other clothes and mood. Important to know is that you need a hat in winter for sleeping too. If your head gets cold during a night you will wake up with a horrible headache.

Toiletries are essential but I reduced them to a reasonable minimum. The 50ml you can buy for the Airplane are not a solution for you weight problems if you go for a 2 Weeks trip. You can fill now everything in appropriate containers or just take one already in use with enough left. That’s my way. Complete full containers are critical anyway. My shower gel opened not just once during trips. Maybe fill a bottle with drill closure would be a  good solution 😉

Of course you take a First Aid kit with you. But medicine is available all over the world because everybody needs it. Travellers reported me that their at home bought products didn’t work with the problems they had abroad. It doesn’t make sense to take everything with you. A good advise can just come from a doctor so speak with yours. It’s necessary anyway to check which inoculation are necessary. Prepare yourself by at least reading a book about First Aid if you plan to travel to countries where help isn’t available in 15 minutes. For German readers check for example “Outdoor- und Survivalmedizin” from Johannes Vogel.

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