Options back home from Ulaanbataar

Options back home from Ulaanbataar 1625 991 Michael
Initial position:

The Trip through Siberia ended in Ulaanbataar and my 640 ended in a container where it’s waiting for its next mission. The Start is fixed so 4 options.


Would be very interesting crossing China, ride the Himalaya, explore the jungles of Myanmar and end up on a beach in Thailand. Sounds very nice but crossing China is complicated and the trip would end with storage or transport. This Option is quite nice but very expensive. In all mentioned countries expect of china it’s possible to do a lot on rental bikes so this idea is postponed.


From other travellers I heard about a ferry connection between Vladiwostock and Japan. I did some research on that ferry and possibities to leave japan with my bike and couldn’t find them. Maybe there are some but I didn’t invested a lot time because I didn’t expect any interesting off-road parts.


The biggest reason to go north again would be the Zimnik a road on the eastern side of Lake Baikal. I wanted to do this road already 2016 due the big bikes of my teammates we decided not to try. After the Zimnik the most interesting way home would be via Pamir again just the shown detour for that road is a stupid. So it would be more interesting to ride further northeast and fly to Moscow from Magadan. I read about travellers who did that, but the decisive arrgument against is that i’ve seen a lot of Siberia and my curiosity on that country is satisfied for the moment.


The most obvious and most average way to continue but from all option still the most attractive one. After a detour south to Gobi Desert it’s possible to ride home on the Alpid mountain belt. Some great Names: Altai, Pamir, Elburz, Kopet Dag, Taurus, Rhodope Mountains,  Dinaric Alps and last but not least close to my home the Alps. So now it’s time to figure out some interesting roads the Pamir Highway is just a short highlight on that trip.

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