Husky Build Phase 4 – Last Steps before Departure
Husky Build Phase 4 – Last Steps before Departure 1000 800 Michael

In order to complete the conversion of the motorcycles we were also depending on professional help and here the team of KTM-Mueller supported us First Service Handlebar Risers Fork Preload…

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Husky Build Phase 3 – Powerparts
Husky Build Phase 3 – Powerparts 1000 667 Michael

Husqvarna’s Powerparts program is growing steadily, so it’s no wonder we’ve found a number of useful things that make our Huskies more fit for travel. Furthermore, we have also resorted…

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Husky Build Phase 2 – Range
Husky Build Phase 2 – Range 1000 667 Michael

How important is range. Fact is I do not know any real experienced traveller who says you need more than 300km. Everyone confirms but relaxed tremendously when you get ahead.…

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Husky Build Phase 1 – Selfmade
Husky Build Phase 1 – Selfmade 1000 667 Michael

Of course, for an engineer and mechanic like me it is also a highlight to prepare the bike for a trip and to optimize it after a journey. On the…

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Aftermarket Husky 701
Aftermarket Husky 701 1000 625 Michael

My next bike will be a Husqvarna 701. First Task of the bike will be a big journey through North- and South America. Increasing range is a major topic in…

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Links 150 150 Michael

Links Very often people ask me questions like: Which luggage system can you recommend? Which outdoor stuff is perfect for …? Where do you get maps? Where to find travel…

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Gear History
Gear History 150 150 Michael

Gear My gear is steady developing that’s why I show a gear history in every section. You can see what I used for which trip and how I optimised my…

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Riding Gear
Riding Gear 1000 562 Michael

Riding Gear is the most important gear on a motorcycle trip. You’re in it if you don’t feel comfortable you will not have fun. If it doesn’t protect you from…

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Spare Parts & Tools
Spare Parts & Tools 1000 667 Michael

Spare Parts are always emergency parts and who knows what will happen? Let a specialist check your bike can prevent the worst but sometimes it makes the worst happen. A…

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Luggage System
Luggage System 1000 1000 Michael

Soft Luggage Hard luggage an often discussed question. I drive both, own both and that’s why I choose whats appropriate for my destination. My first buy was the 89l rackpack.…

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