Van Customising
Van Customising 1000 667 Michael

The customisation of my van is always a topic when I open the doors on meetings. During the time I planned that I consulted several websites to collect ideas an…

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Clothes & Riding Gear
Clothes & Riding Gear 1000 562 Michael

For clothes the most important thing is always that they fit and you feel comfortable with them. I haven’t changed many of my clothes but have at least achieved experience…

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Soft Luggage
Soft Luggage 1000 1000 Michael

Driving offroad gets much easier and safer with soft luggage. If you go to the German big three Louis, Polo and Hein Gericke you’ll find soft luggage that maybe works…

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Camp Gear
Camp Gear 1000 750 Michael

If you go to more then one big outdoor dealer you typically get a good overview what is on the market and mostly the consultancy is good. But some brands…

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Maps & Information
Maps & Information 1625 991 Michael

Planning a route and navigation is very easy with the modern GPS-Systems. The OSM Maps are so well developed that they are my first choice for any activity beside the…

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