Day 19, 2015.05.31 Back Home

Day 19, 2015.05.31 Back Home 1000 667 Michael

Is the last day of my trip I stayed in Slovakia in a small guesthouse. It was definitely a new low point of accommodations I had. If you ride the Balkan you will soon get used to dirt in the bathroom. The special this time was that I placed my helmet on the window ledge without knowing that ants live there. It took me around 15 minutes to demount my Helmet and get all of them out. The owner was angry with me that reduced his bill a little bit but that was too much. After all these exciting and various experiences Slovakia bored me. Traffic is running according to all rules, the roads are in perfect shape, no animals on the streets just like at home.

After riding 200km through scenic country roads I played a bit with my GPS, direct way home 900km, arrival time 21:00. My plan was checking in Vienna if I can buy a car train ticket and ride through the Alps tomorrow if not. I have one and a half weeks of holidays left so no reason for a hurry. But this was an option for 2 new personal records. I never made more the 600km with my 640 and never more than 700km in one day on a bike. The stupid boy in me forced me to do it and it’s a good practice for one of my next ideas. After arrival in Austria I shortly thought about still riding the Alps a bit because I could arrive at home whenever I want. So I lost 2 hours on Austrian countryside roads before I went back to the Motorway. Of course Germany welcomed me with rain. But perhaps the reflective stripes on the rain cover saved my life later when the rear bulb of my bike broke somewhere one the motorway. I was very thankful to the man that followed me to a fuel station to tell me that. After the rain Germany rewarded me with the perfect end picture.

Day 19, 2015.05.31 Back Home

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