Day 24, 2016.08.01 Bada

Day 24, 2016.08.01 Bada 1000 563 Michael

Breakfast at 7:00 on my room and on the road at 8:00 perfect start in the day I thought. I burned down 3 fuel tanks today which means nearly a thousand kms. On the way the second mechanic was willing to assist me changing my sprocket. After doing that I realized that my chain lost already 8 rollers. No chance to get one before Ulaanbataar so I carried on. I loved the feeling of pain in my ass and the progress I made. Really a good riding day just the road was a bit boring.

I stopped at a Motel to sleep around 21:00. A couple Sergei and Olga had the same in mind and assisted me with communication. Reading the Menu in the restaurant was the biggest problem but together we made it. They invited me to their table and we chatted and had a nice evening. They recommended the Vodka Baikal as present that is just available near to the lake.

Day 24, 2016.08.01 Bada

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