MYOW online and opens with a photo workshop

MYOW online and opens with a photo workshop 1920 1440 Michael

It was quiet for a long time. But now there’s something completely new for that. With a small workshop about photography, the new heading MYOW is released on our website. MYOW is derived from the common MYOG in the outdoor community. We don’t want to limit ourselves to “Make your own gear” so “Make your own Whatever “

Currently there is the following to read:

Husky Build Phase 1 – Selfmade
Husky Build Phase 1 – Selfmade 1000 667 Michael

Of course, for an engineer and mechanic like me it is also a highlight to…

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Travel Hacks
Travel Hacks 1000 667 Michael

There are many little hacks that make travelling easier – they just have to come…

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Photo Workshop
Photo Workshop 1000 750 Michael

“Your camera makes great pictures” This compliment has every amateur or professional photographer heard before…

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Bagproject 2017
Bagproject 2017 1000 667 Michael

Already in the report Balkan Kompakt 2015, I mentioned the bags, which my mother sewed…

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