Multimedia Presentation Sibiria on 9.6.

Multimedia Presentation Sibiria on 9.6. 4961 3508 Michael

A few times there was the broud hint, couldn’t you show pictures of your travels. I have already shown Siberia three times, so it’s time to do it at home. I would be very happy if as many as possible would attend the presentation.

The room is provided by Musikverein Wolfegg for free. It would be nice if we could get some donations together, to finance the newly purchased tubular bells. Important: The current Practicing Room (=Probelokal) is no longer in the old elementary school but in the stage area of the community hall. For foreigners the community hall is located at the exit towards Kisslegg and is easily recognizable by a striking bus stop, with a large umbrella. Access to the stage is only possible via the back entrance. Who comes from further away may like to contact me especially if accommodation is needed.

I’m looking forward to the evening 🙂


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