Day 3, 2015.05.15 Belgrade

Day 3, 2015.05.15 Belgrade 1000 667 Michael

I started my day accidently right, hope that will make the rainy day better. The girls at the fuel station opposite of TIRs motel allowed me to search for the problem with the instruments and indicators under their roof. Not a workshop but at least not in the rain. Just a broken fuse, thanks.

Luckily it stopped raining when I crossed the border. I’m not really fussy with cleaning my bikes but I was still carrying lumps of mud with me. So that was priority one and after that found some nice spots for pictures of the landscape of Serbia. Sorry for saying that, but it was as boring flat then I already experienced it in Hungary. Bloody bastard that did the route planning.

In Belgrade I found something unexpected that remind me to my working buddies. Best regards to them don’t hesitate to do my work as long as I am away. But it’s always nice to see the own product (the Ecolife gearbox) running on the street. The day ended in Belgrade at auto camp Dunav. I had my own bungalow with a guard dog and that for a bit more than 15€ perfect. The people were friendly, spoke English just the washroom wasn’t in perfect shape but still acceptable for southern Europe. I also got a paper for the customs officers that explain where I slept and that I paid taxes for the accommodation. It is possible that you get into trouble when you leave Serbia without that. If you camp wild you can go to the police to get that paper. Even the receptionist said he doesn’t expect that I need it and nobody asked me for it. So if you camp wild I guess you can risk don’t having that.

Again Track is lost 🙁

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