Day 8, 2015.05.20 Shkodra

Day 8, 2015.05.20 Shkodra 1000 667 Michael

After a nice breakfast I left Hotel Brila which I can recommend definitely. I made my way through Plav Montenegro to Albania. On the SH20 I was a little confused that I met some backpackers from Belgium, while I was taking photos near a small stream.

Later two more and after them roadworks. The engineer asked me why I am coming from such a shity road. I had to smile. We were chatting a bit and he explained to me that I soon will be on a brand new tarmac road and recommended to go to Theth valley. The following Tarmac Road was definitely nice to ride.

But I wanted some gravel so I made my way on Albanien farm tracks that led into nowhere instead to the road to Theth. Ok back and the long way via Shkodra. On the way to Theth I met two Bavarian bikers on Triumph Tigers 800XC and joined them. When we arrived we met several other bikers that came from the opposite direction. The GS riders recommended us not to continue. A longer discussion followed what is possible with the bikes. The GS drivers had the opinion that even a light 640 with an experienced driver can’t make it back to tarmac before the valley is too dark to drive. I took the challenge of this race against the night. I checked my tracks for details of that race:

18:41 Start 35km to Asphalt, 65km to Shkodra.
19:57 I reached the Asphalt 4 minutes before Sundown. Average speed of 28km/h over 1:16h sounds slow but do it on that road without breaks.
20:33  Dusk was over and I stopped for fuel. After that I got 20km experience of driving through Albania during the night.
21.10 I found an accommodation after 78km in total. The room was very nice I realized the problem with it not before I was lying on my bed.

It was crazy, silly and risky but i had to do it cause it felt so damn good. I think it’s quite obvious that the following pictures were made before. Honestly it’s shame that I drove like a mad ass through that beautiful landscape.

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