Day 9, 2015.05.21 Bajram Curr

Day 9, 2015.05.21 Bajram Curr 1000 667 Michael

Directly after waking up I could feel the consequences of my race against the night. I had sore muscles in the legs and hands. Up on my bike again I swore to have an easy day. Bajram Curr was the target. I didn’t wanted to take the SH22 cause just tarmac would have been too fast and boring. So I took a minor road. Stupid idea if this road connects no village or anything it was quite obvious that the Albanians use this road just for chopping wood.

After the minor road combined with a second in roadworks it started to get easier. As on nearly all of my tours there is a BMW driver which has more difficult technical problems than me. A few km later I found the driver Robert carrying his broke wheel. After hesitating initially because it would ruin my day completely I took the wheel on my bike and brought it into the city. The mechanics worked fast and replaced some lost screws on my bike too.

After bringing the wheel back and giving Robert a lift back to his bike we stayed in Bajram Curr together. But my day wasn’t over I had to solve the broken screw problem of my helmet, gluing my boots and sewing a broken Velcro together. The look outside explained the noise in our accomodation. A wedding was going on.

Day 9, 2015.05.21 Bajram Curr

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