Conclusion Baltic Sea 2016

Conclusion Baltic Sea 2016 1918 1114 Michael
Conclusion of the Trip:

Many People said it’s not a motorcycle area were you want to go and they were right. Nearly all roads were straightforward. It was really rare that you had some curves and no serpentines at all. But this fact doesn’t make this areas boring. I got more the impression that you should travel from spot to spot and go day tripping a bit slower. Consequence for me if I go there next time I take my van. My mountain bike or a kanu would offer a good day tripping option that seems to be more attractive. I also want to do the guided walk in the tidelands. What I also learned is that it’s time to replace my antique smartphone. I really missed apps to find accommodations. With prices that easily climb up to 100€ it definitely makes you’re live easier and internet access isn’t expensive in the European Union.

Honestly it still was a nice trip but my ego is struggling with the changed plan. I failed to do the whole loop just for comfort reasons. That really doesn’t match with my known habits. Maybe I should come back in Winter to fulfil the loop just to show myself I can 🙂

Conclusion for the photography fans:

I really love my new Olympus E-M1. It is at least 10 times more handy then the EOS. Every button is where I can access it easily and the most important ones for exposure time correction and aperture are perfect arranged. Die viewfinder delivers so much more information. For example a spirit level, histogram, highlighted sharp areas, warning for over/underexposed areas, shows the last picture etc. If you are not an amateur like me you maybe don’t need these features but I really like them.

The change from travel zoom to two separate lenses offers a big range of new photographs. The annoying change of lenses isn’t such a big problem. Mostly you decide long before what you want to shot anyway. It’s more annoying to accept that you can’t take the photo you’re seeing because you’re lens can’t do it. That’s why my next investment will be a wide angle. The image quality between my EOS600 which has an APS-C Sensor and the MFT Sensor of the Olympus is definitely not to see. I rework always a big amount of my pictures and this is definitely no argument even in high ISO ranges. If you want to go for a more professional camera on a motorcycle I just can recommend the new DSLM cameras. I can’t see a use in carrying the big DSLRs

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