Day 16 2016.10.09 Back Home

Day 16 2016.10.09 Back Home 1000 667 Michael

Again loud music kept me awake most of the night. The tent was wet from condensation and my motivation to leave it didn’t even exist. Beeing lazy never solves a problem. So I kicked myself out, grabbed my wet stuff together and left. My way led me through the Ardennes and Luxembourg. Where I took the only great picture of the day. Again a tough decision which point of view is better?

When I reached the Pfalz I got into rain and my Klim Overland Suit was tested seriously the first time. It passed, but I was tired, and just wanted to find a place to sleep. My Garmin POIs led me from one useless place to the next. Fuck Off is 19:00 and just 300kms till home.

Day 16 2016.10.09 Back Home

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