Day 3 2016.09.26 Koszalin

Day 3 2016.09.26 Koszalin 1000 750 Michael

9:00am KTM Kunkel opened the door. Of course I was already waiting and of course they didn’t waited for the Swabian with the broken bike. They had full house but allowed me to check my bike in the yard and use the tools I need. Frist step was checking the relays but they were all ok. So I luckily started stripping the bike on the side with the problem. After I took of the tank the reason was obvious. The mechanic that did the maintenance clamped the cable of the lambda sensor in crashbar mounting. At least it was not broken completely after isolating it everything was fine again. One reason more for doing the maintenance by myself in future. I already lost enough time so I mounted everything together and went for my luggage at the hotel. After I left Prenzlau I had to return to KTM Kunkel because the engine error light occurred. I wondered that this had not happened before because it was the expected lambda sensor error. After deleting it never came up again. So giving full throttle and all the same again.

On the Way I remembered Martins comment take pictures with the camera from the bike it’s worth the risk. Doing this with the DSLR is impossible but with the DSLM no problem. If you use a neckbelt you can drop the camera immediately if necessary. For that purpose the pencake lens is great. The automatic lenscap prevents it from dirt and I can place it in the chestpocket of my jacket if I don’t want to use it. But I have to train to make these pictures as impressive then the other ones of this day. I hoped for a nice campsite near the beach. But reality catched me soon, the touristic places near the coast looked like the ski resorts in the alps in summer. Everything was closed. I was happy when I found Koral Hotel where I was welcome.

Day 3 2016.09.26 Koszalin

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