Day 4 2016.09.27 Rapaty

Day 4 2016.09.27 Rapaty 1000 750 Michael

I was very impressed when I came down the stairs at 7am. My breakfast was already on the table. Most of my travel experience is south of Germany. So if you even can order breakfast there at 7:00 you still get it at 8:00. This day I wanted to stick near the coast. In theory I did that even if I didn’t see much of the Baltic sea. Very interesting were these mailboxes. The postman saves a lot of time because they are central and as you can imagine from the bulletins it can be also a social meeting point. In a hamlet where the ghooses have the right of way a big advantage.

On possible highlight was the halfisland of Hel. I really was motivated to visit one of polands famouse defense fortification against Hitlers Germany but after I read the facts “The big canons (calibre 451mm) were relocated to the Atlantic wall” and “4km walk” I was absolutely out. It was not just that I was too lazy in my mind was already, tomorrow I want so visit Justas and I want to arrive between 16:00 and 18:00 so I have to make some more kms today.

I was driving into darkness and stayed at a strange but very authentic Hotel. I was run by an old couple it looked like they just build some more houses around their own and offer them now to guests. I just didn’t like the fact that they recommended not to leave my room after 22:00 because the guard dog is running free from that time.

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