Day 5 2016.09.28 Vilnius

Day 5 2016.09.28 Vilnius 1000 750 Michael

I really liked the fact that it was again no problem to get breakfast at 7am. I just expected the best from my hotel and wasn’t disappointed. Everything was handmade and looked very traditional. It was just delicious sorry for not taking a picture. Maybe those who read my old reports already realized a difference in the pictures I shot. If not I make I it a bit more obvious. Maybe there is a connection between some pictures 😉

With my Sigma lens I just had a fullscale focal length of 400mm with the new tele I have 600mm. These pictures would have not been possible with less. The disadvantage of my new camera setup is that macros are impossible. So you will not find bugs, grasshoppers, bees or other insects in this report.

But I reached my target within the initial time schedule. Justas picked me up on his Honda NC750X. Filtering through the rush hour of Vilnius was quite tough with the boxes. Again an argument for soft luggage. It felt really nice to be welcome at Justas and Agnas place. Sadly we had rain during the visit in Vilnius impressive old town. On picture is just to keep Agnas hint in mind. Vilnius is full of angles you just have to look carefully. The evening ended in the beer library. So I took a picture for all that need to improve their beer knowledge.

Day 5 2016.09.28 Vilnius

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