Day 2 2016.09.25 Prenzlau

Day 2 2016.09.25 Prenzlau 1000 750 Michael

Looking back to the successful day I slept until 7:30. My next target was Stettin where I wanted to meet Tomek from “21 Brothers”. I ordered a pair of crashbarbags, a sidestand extension and a relocater for the sidestand. 990 drivers know why you want to have that We meet, exchanged stuff against money and after the obligatory biker chatting I made my way.

One hour later I stopped for a picture somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Because of my new habit always to get of the bike first before I flip out the sidestand I dropped the bike. I’m still not very used to that but most of the time it makes your life much easier. Ok lifting it up again no problem, taking the pictures no problem, starting again problem. Shit I definitely don’t need that now. The Power Relay Fuse breaks immediately when I switch on the ignition. Taking the seat of get out the tools, take of the windscreen checking the wires and relays nothing to see. I said to myself hey you are not in the wild call the AVD (German Automobile Club offers breakdown assistance) I did that gave the GPS coordinates to the AvD Guy and he said “There is no road” I explained him that I’m shure that I’m standing on asphalt so send a towing truck please. Of course they just wanted to bring my bike to next possible garage. A brilliant idea when you have electric problems. I was very thankfull for Tomeks offer to bring the bike into his private garage to look for it and also for the assistance of his friend. But for me the best solution was to bring it to the next KTM-Dealer diagnostic tools, wiring plans, spareparts supply can be essential in such a case. Not much to do until the driver found my position. Luckily he had a permission from AvD to bring me to KTM-Kunkel in Prenzlau Germany. Of course Sunday nothing will happen. So I took of all my luggage and carried it to my hotel 1km away. Maybe I replace my boxes with softluggage even on onroad trips in future.

Day 2 2016.09.25 Prenzlau

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