Baltic Sea 2016

my trip around the baltic sea for testing the new camera in 2016

Bike KTM 990 Adventure, no teammates

Conclusion Baltic Sea 2016
Conclusion Baltic Sea 2016 1918 1114 Michael

Conclusion of the Trip: Many People said it’s not a motorcycle area were you want to go and they were right. Nearly all roads were straightforward. It was really rare…

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Day 16 2016.10.09 Back Home
Day 16 2016.10.09 Back Home 1000 667 Michael

Again loud music kept me awake most of the night. The tent was wet from condensation and my motivation to leave it didn’t even exist. Beeing lazy never solves a…

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Day 15 2016.10.08 Oplgabbeek
Day 15 2016.10.08 Oplgabbeek 1000 667 Michael

For the breakfast my waiter suprised me with speaking German. Ok it’s not really surprising many Dutch are able to do that and I was near the border too. But…

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Day 14 2016.10.07 Winschoten
Day 14 2016.10.07 Winschoten 1000 667 Michael

7:40 Franks Alarm clock started to ring and we startet the day. Of course with motorcycle discussions and a breakfast. I was very thankful for his hospitality and hope to…

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Day 13 2016.10.06 Bredenbek
Day 13 2016.10.06 Bredenbek 1000 667 Michael

Maybe my Danish friends are right and it’s devils island. My hotelier could’t change my first impression that he is just a dick. In the restaurant yesterday I also didn’t…

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Day 12 2016.10.05 Vordingborg
Day 12 2016.10.05 Vordingborg 1000 750 Michael

I started not to early this day. I was not just lazy I just learned that it is not very smart. Before 9.00 am it is not just colder often…

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Day 11 2016.10.04 Huskvarna
Day 11 2016.10.04 Huskvarna 1000 625 Michael

The ferry arrived at 6:15 in Stockholm. Stupid that they didn’t made an announcement or it was just not to hear in my cabin. Luckily I wonderd when I could…

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Day 10 2016.10.03 Turku
Day 10 2016.10.03 Turku 1000 750 Michael

Breakfast at 7:15 and my first day with a hard deadline. The ferry will leave at 20:15 means last chance for check in at 19:15. Around 400km to go so…

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Day 9 2016.10.02 Lappenranta
Day 9 2016.10.02 Lappenranta 1000 750 Michael

After the long evening it was nice to sleep long. For breakfast we went out again and lena showed me a nice retro place. It was a kind of bakery…

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Day 8 2016.10.01 St. Petersburg
Day 8 2016.10.01 St. Petersburg 1000 750 Michael

In the morning I went to the border were a polite borderpolice officer explained I need to make an appointment to cross the border. It felt like a joke when…

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