Day 11 2016.10.04 Huskvarna

Day 11 2016.10.04 Huskvarna 1000 625 Michael

The ferry arrived at 6:15 in Stockholm. Stupid that they didn’t made an announcement or it was just not to hear in my cabin. Luckily I wonderd when I could see the harbour out of my cabin window. So I hurried down do Door 3D but my Motorcycle was gone. On his place was a ramp now. Short confused moment and a worker was winking at me to show me alright we pushed it to the side. I felt ashamed that I was late and hurried again to leave the ferry. Stockholm in the Morning looked a bit abandoned. Lucky for me I took the chance and drove around in the city to see a little bit of it before I left. Later on a small island near a harbour I realized that there are nearly no pictures with me. So here are they:

Maybe it’s better without 😉

For a short Moment this sign gave a warm feeling. In January I was in Gibraltar and even in January it was warmer there.

Finding an accommodation in Sweden when you are out of season is a bit challenging. One picture is from a useless detour to a Vandrarham (something like a Hostel). I couldn’t find one open campsite. Many B&B, Hostels, Motels and Hotels were also closed. The Hostel in Finnland was not really cheap and it was exactly the same here. After nearly 2h of searching I stayed in a Hostel in Huskvarna. For a single room, without shower but including liner and breakfast I had to pay 60€. I can remember me refusing the breakfast for 8€ in Germany when I took a 40€ Room with shower. At least I still had one last Tupla left. I already checked it’s possible to order them in Germany. But it really feels strange to buy sweeties in an Onlineshop.

Day 11 2016.10.04 Huskvarna

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