Day 1 2016.09.24 Kostrzyn

Day 1 2016.09.24 Kostrzyn 1000 667 Michael

Ok the day before I mounted a new chain that arrived last minute and packed the bike. After making the decision to go for that trip in the beginning of the week everything was matched together even if the chain was ordered 3 weeks before. 15km from my home I took the highway and left it shortly before the polish border. The first possible accommodation confused me at first with the following sign. Short translation/explanation “EU driving licence, without MPU (medical and psychological test) quick and legal”. You just need this test if you lost your driving licence because you drove with an alcohol level that indicates an alcohol problem or you acted extraordinary irresponsible. I don’t know how they do it but it can’t be fully legal. The possible accommodation turned out to be a brothel nightclub or whatever. Luckily otherwise I had some great pictures. After 870km I had a nice place to sleep. Perfect for my time schedule and horror for my ass.

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