Day 16, 2016.07.24 Kuanda

Day 16, 2016.07.24 Kuanda 1000 750 Michael

We left our accommodation via the shop and followed Johanns invitation to his shop. The blue building named “Erika” was easy to find. We shopped several times before in these small shops were you say what you want, but this time it was complicated. Always when we pointed on something the saleswomen called Johann to translate even if we said nothing. At least we had fun. When we’re sitting together we continued our small talk and discussed our options. The weather forecast gave us 4 days without rain. Johann mentioned that we will not be able to cross the Kuanda River. He wasn’t shure if even somebody in a Truck would do that. The train bridge has guards so also no option. Bikes in the train is just possible in Taksimo that would mean crossing Vitim again and drive 100km back. Kai wasn’t motivated to drive this day so we postphoned the decision. In the evening we met Johann again and asked if he can organize the transport via truck. He made some phonecalls and found one that is willing to do it for 5000 Rubels. But he said now it’s possible tomorrow just when it’s not raining the whole night. We forced our luck and postphoned again it was already 7:00pm and our stuff wasn’t packed. So we drank some beers with Johann and were later invited to some vodka from Sergei and Alexei. We were sitting together in Johanns cafe with Natascha, Dascha, Antonina and Christina. All together and with aid of google translator they spoke a few words English. We had a nice evening with just one short dispute. They asked me for a German present and I had nothing. I offered to send something from Germany but they didn’t want to believe me. I guess you understand that this present is a matter of honour and not of money. We’ll see what I find when I’m at home again. I’ve sent the parcel during Baltic Sea 2016

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