Day 15, 2016.07.23 Kuanda

Day 15, 2016.07.23 Kuanda 1000 667 Michael

After packing the wet tent we continued to Taksimo. Kai had some trouble with one of his elastic straps. If you want to bend this hook over a roll of the chain it wouldn’t be possible. But it works great if you don’t want it. When we reached the first of these wooden bridges we had a bit too much respect of them. The most were much easier to drive then it looked like. In the rain later we prefer to cross the fords instead of driving on the slippery available bridges.

In Taksimo again 92 fuel for the 640 and a nice lunch for us. Next target Vitim Bridge. We arrived there in rain. We planned to cross it the next day but found no suitable option to camp. So at first a short check by foot. Because of the rain the bridge was slippery and some holes can be tricky when riding. We choose the safe option and pushed the bikes together over the bridge.

On the other side a Russian couple welcomed us and seemed to be fascinated from what we were doing. After we finished, some Russian cars arrived to cross the bridge. Compared with a car it seemed to be much easier to cross with a motorcycle. To avoid camping in the rain we tried our luck in Kuanda to find an accommodation. After we waited in the local shop a woman came to show us our accommodation. What we didn’t know was that they informed Johann a Russian/German who lived in Kuanda. We had a nice small talk with him and he invited us for breakfast to his shop. We parked our motorcycles under a roof tried to hang all our wet stuff for drying and went to our dry bed. The first day with so many highlights on Video to create a small special:

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