Day 14, 2016.07.22 Jantschuhkan

Day 14, 2016.07.22 Jantschuhkan 1000 667 Michael

After saying goodbye to Asmir we continued our way on the BAM road. I already mixed the 95 fuel in Sewerobaikalsk with some 92 in Novi Uoyan I had to fill up again with 92. It feels like my 640 starts worse with that fuel. I cleaned the airfilter in Sewerobaikalsk so this couldn’t be the problem. But as long it starts reliable with choke or throttle who cares? Not comparable but still sad I had to say goodbye a second time this day. My Albania FlipFlops that I bought on my first long Endurotrip Eastern Adriatic 2013 were worn out. They accompanied me on every other trip but at least I could replace them. In the shop I could at least choose between different sizes. The bridge over the stonefield gives an impression, what’s going on here in spring when the snow is melting.

We pitched up our tents soon and hoped that the rain will stop again for cooking.While I filmed the rain a lighting hit the electric cables directly above us. I never seen such a bright lightning and heard such a loud thunder before. I don’t know how dangerous this was really, but in that moment I was just glad to be still alive. Later the rain stopped and we could cook but the mosquitos banned us in our tent for the rest of the evening. It seem like rain makes them extra wild.

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Day 14, 2016.07.22 Jantschuhkan

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