Day 13, 2016.07.21 Sewerobaikalsk

Day 13, 2016.07.21 Sewerobaikalsk 1000 750 Michael

Wake up ohh good day just 3 mosquitos per side waiting for breakfast. It’s the first day on the BAM so however motivation is high. Sadly it felt like we are still on the Schigalowo road still a lot of dust, cars trucks. Easy riding gravel the whole way to Sewerobaikalsk. Everytime you are near to a good road and a river you will see somebody fishing. I got the Information later that you don’t need permission for fishing.

In the city we first had lunch to discuss our further approach. Asmir decided to quit the team. The bumpy road conditions were too much for him and Kais and my speed too. Still together we went to the city centre because we all were curios on the ferry traffic on the lake. Stupid is that we figured out that just passenger transport is possible. It’s unbelievable that all the cars came on that gravel road to this city. A nice Mercedes SLC is definitely not made for this. The guy that gave us this information gave us also some information for the following BAM Road. The weather forecast says rain and high Temperatures. He recommended not to go there because of waterlevels. I know it’s not wise to ignore that but there are still a few kms to go before we reach the difficult part of the road. We had such a long way to come so I prefer to give up a little later and take the train to Bratsk if the weather forecast is right. The advice to drive the Zimnik instead made me a bit sceptical too. We’ll see, today we followed Kais wish to camp on a halfisland at the Baikallake.

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