Day 4, 2016.07.12 Baruunkharaa

Day 4, 2016.07.12 Baruunkharaa 1000 667 Michael

Lazy day we got up around 8:30 that will not happen again soon :-)
We packed our bikes more or less fast and left the oasis around 12:00 the roads were horrible busy. It felt like the road to Russia is one long queue, we decided to search some parallel offroad tracks an at least found some. After some nice waves and single trails Kai offered to buy Asmirs Heidenaus if he changes them already in Irkutsk. I offered to buy his camp chair if he wants to reduce weight a little more we’ll see :-)

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I swear he hanged himself on my exhaust manifold. Watch carefull you also can see the making of.

We decided to check for fuel and passed three gas stations until we found 95 octane 80 and 92 was available earlier. We remembered the recommendations of Helle and Oskar at the Oasis so we decided to fill up our tanks ignoring the range of still 200km that we had. A few kms later we went shopping to be prepared for the camp tonight. The drunken old mongolian that wanted to be my company annoyed me really, I preferred the company of some younger Mongolians some of them had really good English skills.

Our first camp lied scenic between some mountains.The boys made jokes on me when I was hunting after grashoppers to get some nice pictures. While they got me I got this one. Maybe a matured version of the one before or undead, in any case on the picture he looks a little bit scary. Later dinner and Sundown.

Day 4, 2016.07.12 Baruunkharaa

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