Day 3, 2016.07.11 Ulaanbaatar

Day 3, 2016.07.11 Ulaanbaatar 750 1000 Michael

This birthday I got my biggest present ever. Ok no fancy bow on it or nice paper and I knew exactly what is in that box, but i was still very happy when I got my bike back. We all were very thankfull for the help of the Mongolian workers. I wouldn’t had used so many screws if I had known that I would just have a screw driver to open them again. I realized that some screws on the bike that were untightened are lost during transport. The way back to the oasis with flexible throttel and frontbrakelever was very exiting in Mongolias traffic.

At the oasis we completed our bikes, did some adjustment, and started for a short daytrip to warm up again.

Day 3, 2016.07.11 Ulaanbaatar

After a tough hill two Mongolians Bilbee and Ganba invited us for a cup of traditional Mongolian tea. From the pictures you can imagine the scenic view of Bilbees summerhouse. It made him very proud when I said that even the richest man in Germany couldn’t buy that because we don’t have so wide areas just with nature.

The day ended typical with fuel discussions at the oasis.

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