Day 19, 2016.07.27 Stuck in Swamp

Day 19, 2016.07.27 Stuck in Swamp 1000 563 Michael

I slept very bad, no wonder directly beside the railway. When I navigated to a mountain road later in my mind was “we can drive around two critical crossings”. Driving up that mountain road was already tricky but the water has caused more serious damage to that road then we expected. We were stopped by a deep gulley which ended with a completely flushed away road. After a short discussion of returning we build a ramp and continued. Two km later we had nearly the same situation. If you go on serpentine roads keep in mind that what damaged this part can also damage the lower part. Exactly this had happened. But too late for thinking, so building another ramp and continue. Of course enough for a Special:

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In Germany we say when it runs then it runs. What means something like, when you are in a shitty phase it will not stop fast. So after reaching the valley we were stopped by water. I waded in but after it reached my belly it was obvious we can’t cross that even if we push the bikes. To fulfil the nightmare we ran out of water that moment and a thunderstorm came up. We pitched up our tents and cooked some swamp water to make it drinkable. It tasted like a very bitter herbal tea, maybe it could be a bestseller in England 😉 The water level reduced very fast. We marked the level several times with stones to follow the progress. It still was to slow to continue this day but at least the thunderstorm just hit us with a few drops of rain.

Day 19, 2016.07.27 Stuck in Swamp

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