Day 18, 2016.07.26 Olekma

Day 18, 2016.07.26 Olekma 1000 667 Michael

After I adjusted chain tension and tried to bend back the “high quality” sw motech side stand we left. The landscape on the road was very impressive.

The road itself started to get a little bit more difficult than before and we were forced to drive on the second railbed several times. Near the rails we met a family that wanted a picture with us. I’ve defintly no idea where these people can live near to that place. The next village was at least 50km away and extremly diffcult to reach. But thats a quite normal thing here. Luckily the day delivered enough material for another Special:

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In Olekma the fuel station was a barrel and a hose. I still don’ believe that it was 95octane fuel but we had no choice anyway. We entered the village with the thought of and accommodation but left with the will to camp. The discussion about the right camp site ended after 50km, 4 railway bridges and a lot of other difficulties. 19:30 I had enough and decided to camp directly near the railway. The reason is easy to explain 2m water on the road. At least we had a scenic view on the other side.

Day 18, 2016.07.26 Olekma

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