Day 22, 2016.07.30 Tynda

Day 22, 2016.07.30 Tynda 1000 667 Michael

The washed buff smelled wonderfull. The rest of our cloths were more disgusting. I promised Kai when we arrive in Tynda I’ll take a hotel with laundry service no matter what it costs. But first we had breakfast with Dennis and another cup of tea after one of his friends joined. Kai donated his Axe to the local firefighters and after we fueled up the bikes we left. Richard yesterday recommended to drive near the railway again so we did that until Loptsa. The Locals explained that the road will be good now with the exception of one landslip. We were again invited for tea and lunch but I refused It was too much for me. After the Landslip we continued separated the road was so good that I felt the need for full throttle. We wanted to meet again at the Hotel or the railway station. For all BAM-Travellers I dropped our Boards at the city sign of Tynda, feel free to take them.

The Hotel I found offered laundry service I took a shower and started to feel like a civilised person again. Kai arrived soon after me with the same wishes. The receptionist recommended a restaurant to eat which turned into a disco later we had a nice evening with good food, beer, vodka and could watch too some to old women dancing. Oh civilisation we are so happy to have you back.

Day 22, 2016.07.30 Tynda

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