Day 21, 2016.07.29 Chilchi

Day 21, 2016.07.29 Chilchi 1000 667 Michael

When we left the Ashtray Kai mentioned that he lost some bought waterbottles and prefers to ask for water in the nearby railworkers camp. It was difficult to refuse the invitation for breakfast. The tea they gave us looked like our swamp water but tasted very good. I felt a little ashamed to need help again. So we left, crossed the railway with the new boards I made yesterday and continued. In Chilchi waited the next surprise. When I found the local shop we were invited to the Funeral party that was currently happening in the same building. Richard and Sergei invited us not just to eat and of course drink. Sergei the head of the local firefighter invited us to stay for the night in the firestation.

Richard followed soon and there was no option left then following them to Saschas Banja (=Russian Sauna). We drank beer, ate bear, sweated together and slaped us with birch branches. When we left with Sergei Sascha gave us a piece of the bear and some vegetables from his garden on the way. We were very thankful. Back in the firestation Dennis one of Sergeis firefighters copied some Ukraine music for me and I hoped that I at least could wash some cloth. I’ve seen a washing machine already but Dennis explained that it’s not working. I decided to wash my buff by hand to have at least one fresh smell near my nose the next day.

Day 21, 2016.07.29 Chilchi

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