Siberia 2016

my trip through siberia via the BAM-Road in 2016

Bike KTM 640 Enduro, teammates Asmir and Kai

Conclusion Siberia 2016 and BAM-Road
Conclusion Siberia 2016 and BAM-Road 1918 1114 Michael

I can understand why the BAM is upraised to an ultimate adventure even if i don’t share that opinion. 80% are completely easy to ride for an experienced rider and…

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Day 28-32, 2016.08.05-09 Ulaanbaatar
Day 28-32, 2016.08.05-09 Ulaanbaatar 1000 750 Michael

Day 28, 2016.08.05 Ok journey is over now. Main Targets today make the appointment with MonEx to bring the bikes back in boxes, get Asmirs package at the Post Office…

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Day 27, 2016.08.04 Ulaanbaatar
Day 27, 2016.08.04 Ulaanbaatar 1000 750 Michael

We left to the border 2h this time but we still had to explain how they had to deal with the carnet paper. During the way I hardly could believe…

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Day 26, 2016.08.03 Kyakhta
Day 26, 2016.08.03 Kyakhta 1000 750 Michael

Already yesterday it was impossible to get an agent of our travel agency on the phone just robots and queue. I definitely can’t recommend “Seat24” So I tried my luck…

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Day 25, 2016.08.02 Kyakhta
Day 25, 2016.08.02 Kyakhta 1000 667 Michael

Asmir waited near the border in Kyakhta at this time I still wanted to see Ulan-Ude. The meal yesterday wasn’t good for me. The day started with a long session…

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Day 24, 2016.08.01 Bada
Day 24, 2016.08.01 Bada 1000 563 Michael

Breakfast at 7:00 on my room and on the road at 8:00 perfect start in the day I thought. I burned down 3 fuel tanks today which means nearly a…

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Day 23, 2016.07.31 Mogotscha
Day 23, 2016.07.31 Mogotscha 1000 667 Michael

Packing tooked me very long I left around 12:00 but in clean cloth. It felt amazing. Time to say Goodbye Kais further plans lead him to the chinese border and…

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Day 22, 2016.07.30 Tynda
Day 22, 2016.07.30 Tynda 1000 667 Michael

The washed buff smelled wonderfull. The rest of our cloths were more disgusting. I promised Kai when we arrive in Tynda I’ll take a hotel with laundry service no matter…

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Day 21, 2016.07.29 Chilchi
Day 21, 2016.07.29 Chilchi 1000 667 Michael

When we left the Ashtray Kai mentioned that he lost some bought waterbottles and prefers to ask for water in the nearby railworkers camp. It was difficult to refuse the…

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Day 20, 2016.07.28 Dyugabul
Day 20, 2016.07.28 Dyugabul 1000 667 Michael

The water was gone completely very nice, continue with dry feet. After the swamp puddle we reached a bridge that don’t looks very reliable. The ford was to deep so…

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